Project Description

Pen, ink and watercolor drawing of a mystical tiny arch scene, from the viewpoint of inside a cave. The sun is setting outside, and the clouds are reflecting all of the beauty of a summer sunset. Inside the cave, a warm light burns on the wall sconce. The cave boasts mysterious crystals, and entices the viewer to consider turning around in wonder as to what magic lays behind.

Each of my drawings is one of a kind; as of yet, I don’t sell prints and I never draw the exact subject matter twice.

This pen and ink, and watercolor drawing measures 3″ x 3″, and is inserted into a white 8″ x 8″ archival mat with backing. Ready to put in your own 8″ x 8″ frame, which is a standard size available at any frame store or craft shop.

I have been drawing since I was 4, and although I am trained in many mediums, I prefer pen and ink so that I can include great detail in my art. I have a fascination with arches, and the smaller the art, the more challenging it is for me.

Price includes free Priority shipping in a box for safety within the United States.

Price $179.00