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Welcome to Tiny Arches!

My obsession with arches began as a child, growing up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Surrounded by mysterious stone structures built by some of the earliest settlers in the Philadelphia area, my playground was an abandoned (and hauntingly magical) arched springhouse built over a stream as a primitive refrigerator for the settlers in the region. This little arched room was the setting for many a scary, fantastical story in my imagination, and I would often hide inside its cool, damp walls and listen to the bubbling stream flow through the structure.

As I grew, I searched out ancient architecture that included old arches built with crumbling stones, gateways, caves, alcoves and similar locations with the magical energy that surrounded me in childhood.

This has taken me to 33 countries, to countless abandoned and creepy places; and I’m adding more experiences each day.

My mother was an oil painter (so our house always smelled like linseed oil), and my father, although he passed away when I was an infant, was a wonderful woodworker.

Each member of my family was blessed with the gifts of equal left- and right-brained functionality, able to combine the intricacy of calculus with the unleashing of wild artistic abandon in a myriad of mediums.  We boast not one, but TWO rocket scientists in our family, both female.  I, for my part, focused not on rockets, but on rocks, in the form of gemology.  I obtained my Graduate Gemology degree from the Gemological Institute of America in 1989.

My favorite medium is mosaic, which is a slow, laborious journey of cut fingers and waiting for things to dry.  I also created ultra-premium hand-dyed textiles for nearly a decade, but left that behind when I lost my home and business in Hurricane Katrina.

As of late, I’ve been focusing on tiny, detailed drawings in pen, ink and watercolor, with a secondary medium of oil pastels.  The detail allowed with a fine marker is challenging to me, and yet pastels allow the blending and shading of intense colors that makes my heart sing when I get it just right.

Although I have created art since I was 4 (based on stories from my siblings, as I myself have no memory of my life prior to age 6), I have not offered it for sale until recently.  It’s at the urging of friends and family to share with others that I created this site, featuring my tiny arches in a variety of settings.

Aside from drawing and writing my second book on the stages of consciousness expansion, I am a certified Medical Reiki Master, trained to deliver energy in the operating room to individuals wishing to heal themselves.  Crystals play their part in healing sessions whenever I’m called to use them, thus putting my gemological background to good use.

I have created a growing realm of mindfulness- and awakening-related websites that serve humanity in my own way, through the support of introspection, personal awareness and service to mankind.  The main site, Are You Awakening, was created to assist those just waking up to the fact that they are creating their reality.

I balance my spiritually-dedicated role with human activities that ground me back to Earth, such as Krav Maga, target shooting, motorcycle and auto racing, stunt driving, cooking, and, of course, yoga.

I live in West Hollywood, California, with my motorcycle, my sports car, my shadow, and an infinite number of friends existing in all dimensions.

This website is a place where everyone can meet the creative part of me. You can check out my art portfolio or contact me here.

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